She said, “It is very fascinating to see how I developed and who I am today.” The dream has never gone away, but one thing is certain.

In fact, Julissa revealed that her path didn’t always lead her to the entertainment industry. But despite the road blocks and detours, she still managed to find her way towards Hollywood’s searchlights. 

She recalled that she went to college with a premed major. But I had a project in middle school from 8th grade, where I stated that “I am going to be able to put my name on lights so everyone will know who I am.”

Her comments continued: “When you come from these black and brown families, it is hard to decide if you want to act or sing because our parents didn’t have the privilege.” And I went into pre-med thinking I’m going to have a great career but I saw journal entries of not being happy.”

The “shift,” she explained, happened when she switched her major to theater and “knowing this is what I was meant to do.”