Yet, her explanations are not complete. AllTheir secrets. In the early years of their union, she politely avoided questions regarding when they would have children. But by 2017 she was so tired of people prying into what may or may not be happening in her uterus, she gave the sort of brutally honest response that’s designed to halt all inquiries. Revealing her series of miscarriages, she wrote in her book, “For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant—I’ve either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle, or coming out of an IVF cycle.”

She made it clear then that she was going to be speaking only on this subject. She will address any newborn she is spotted with. CelebHomes News spoke to her until that point, saying, “If you are, or if not, that’s totally your thing.” 

Now they’re there and, as promised she’s going to address it. Kaavia, a ridiculously photogenic 3-year-old known for her #shadybaby stares and hilariously dry wit (though we’ll give credit there to Mom and Dad), already boasts 1.8 million followers to her @kaaviajames Instagram handle and her own book. And you’re damn right she was down to model a series of costumes for her first Halloween in 2019.