Eminent domain is something that should be a cause of concern for any property owner. If you’ve never heard of the phrase, eminent domain is the constitutional right that the government has to be able to take your land. Yes, you read that correctly. They still have to be able to offer you money for it, but not necessarily with your best interest in mind. According to its provisions, eminent domain would allow the government to take whatever land parcels out and take over such property as long as it fits the public good.

Some famous examples of eminent domain include a case Las Vegas, Nevada back in the mid 1990’s where a widow inherited her husband’s commercial building. She was going to use the rent from this property to fund her retirement. However, the city claimed the area was blighted and seized the property. This all happened after the property owner failed to attend a hearing that she didn’t know about. 

It’s important to know your rights in this area and be informed. You have the right to legal counsel and to be able to turn down the first offer that the government sends you.

Learn more about how to stand up for your property rights from this visual deep dive in the infographic below:

eminent domain infographic
Source: Dallas & Turner, PLLC