Commentary from experts in window dressing Couture Living

What impact do window treatments have on the space? These are some things that people may not have considered.

One thing that people don’t always consider when decorating their home is the true impact of dressing your window appropriately for the room and the natural light. If you’re looking to make a big difference in your home, then made-to-measure roman blinds and curtains are exactly what you need to create a coherent look that sets the tone for everything else in the room.

When choosing the best treatment for your windows there are many factors to consider. This includes lining and fabric selections, as well as choosing the most flattering look and fit. Your home will have a statement-making look with high-end curtains and blinds.

Which factors should you consider when replacing your window treatment?

Make sure you pick a quality design that’s made with good fabric. It is the best way for sustainable design living. Design a space with the details at its foundation. Try out several options before you settle on a design. Use a curtain or blind configurator, and get samples to compare them with your wall and overall colors. The goal is to add character and detail to the space with fabric and color choices that compliment it.

How can I fix window treatment problems that don’t work?

Window treatments are not all created equal. Roman blinds or voiles can make your space look great. A pair of voiles, which will cover your window and maximize light, can make sure that you have enough natural light in the room. Your room may seem dark or lacking in light because of other issues such as poor lighting and a wrong colour scheme. With the correct pair of roman blinds or voiles, all of these can be adapted. It is important to select the right color and fabric.

Which window treatments can instantly make a space look more modern?

The key to creating an interior design is to balance elements in the space. This creates a look that represents your personality and character. A window dressed in heavy fabrics, paired with tie-backs, and a thick fringed trim instantly add an outdated look, particularly if your home doesn’t offer a traditional vibe.

While this may work in certain cases when dressing elegant hotels or stately homes, it is not the best way to decorate your home. If you’re looking for a modern look, adding warmth and personality will result in the exact opposite. This is where less can be more. When we say less, we don’t always mean minimal, but finding the right balance in fabrics and textures for the space you’re working with.   

There are many alternatives to the simple panels.

Voile blinds are a great way to add privacy and style to your home. You can get the most out of sunlight while also giving privacy. With the ease of fitting them, they are easy and simple. Voile curtains or blinds are easy to clean and provide a stunning finish. There is a wide range of patterns and colors available that will suit every room.

Which options are available to renters?

You don’t have to disturb your landlords or put holes in walls to display a window display. A twist-and-fit curtain pole is a great option. It can be inserted into the window recess and adjusted to fit any size. It prevents holes in the walls and creates a window display that adds warmth and character to your home.