Audrina Patridge is patiently waiting for her own Superman, although she did, at one point, slide into the DMs of the superhero himself.

The Hills: New BeginningsCelebHomes revealed that star had admitted to the same amount Use the DMs to your advantageDecember 30, 2010.

“I did send Henry CavillAudrina recalls that there was a little smile on his video. He posted this really funny and hilarious video, so I was forced to respond to it.

Was the Justice League actor take note of the response?

Unfortunately, no. “I didn’t get a response!” Audrina agreed.

That said, she has plenty of her own unread DMs, many of which are men shooting their shot. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? A number of professional baseball players. 

Audrina stated, “I recall one being from the Yankees.” This was because Audrina was close friends with him two years back. Frankie [Delgado]Frankie was there, so I asked him. I said, “Hey, does he know that guy?” “He wrote me via Instagram.