Bryce Dallas HowardShe is reminiscing on a time she was at disadvantage.

2018 reports indicated that there were 2. Jurassic World actress was being paid an $8 million salary for her starring role in the film—which was reportedly $2 million less than her co-star, Chris Pratt. Bryce, four years after the publication, is now speaking out on the wage disparity.
The actress said that the reports were fascinating because she was paid much less than what the reports actually stated. InsiderIn an Aug. 15 interview “When I began negotiating JurassicIt was 2014. I found myself in a very different world. Unfortunately, to get your deal, you must sign up for 3 movies.
Although her deal for the three-film franchise was already set in stone, there were other deals left on table for revenue, such as affiliated games and goods—and that’s where Bryce’s co-star, Chris came in.