Celebrities know the importance of taking care of yourself. This is why they employ only the best personal trainers and nutritionists to help them keep up with themselves. However, celebrities also know the importance of good air quality in their homes. Celebrities are always looking to utilize the latest HVAC technology to improve the quality of their home. Let’s take a closer look at three of the newest HVAC breakthroughs on the market that celebrities use to improve their homes.


An app can help you do just about anything; you can do your taxes, go geocaching, or find the best restaurant in town. There are various apps on the market that can help you maintain the temperature in your home. These HVAC apps focus on load calculation to get the job done. These load calculation apps will help any celebrity or engineer find the AC unit size that will fit into their homes. This can be done without wild estimation, which can end up costing you time and money.

Virtual Reality


Image via Flickr by Polygon Homes

Have you noticed an increase in virtual reality headsets on the market? Many people are using them for video game and training purposes. However, HVAC professionals are starting to use virtual reality technology to show celebrity clients various blueprints of their home. This incredible new piece of technology revolutionizes the way that anyone can foresee how their HVAC system will fit in their home. Celebrities utilize this tech to help them make the best judgment call whenever it comes to getting a new system in their home.

3D Printing

Did you know that you can print almost any object that you imagine in 3D? Three-dimensional printing enables us to print HVAC units on a smaller scale so that we can review them. Celebrities have been using 3D printing resources for some time now to determine if they like their HVAC system or not. Celebrities oftentimes have access to new technology before the average person gets a hold of it. This means that there is plenty of time for them to field-test these new technological breakthroughs before they hit the market. While 3D printing isn’t something new, using it to showcase your new HVAC unit before it is actually built is a privilege only a celebrity can enjoy.We cannot do good work if we do not take care of ourselves. Many celebrities are constantly finding new ways to improve the quality of their lives. HVAC systems are just one of many things that many well-known celebrities have preferences over. These technological advances are just a few examples of ways that celebrities have the option to ensure the air quality and convenience in their home is optimal. These new HVAC breakthroughs are incredible and cost much less to operate than your traditional system. Be sure to look for some of these items on this list when they hit the market. They could improve the quality of your home tenfold.