When they choose songs that have already been covered, Justin sets out to find something that would suit the Regency Era—even though Bridgerton It is set in an imaginary world. He said, “I am trying to, as far as I can filter out things that might not make sense for this period,” adding, “It isn’t like they’re going have an electric keyboard during one of Queen’s balls.”

Justin, a true music fan and a dedicated musician takes this role seriously. Justin is passionate about finding the perfect cover for his songs, especially of Alanis Morissette“You Oughta Know,” by. It says, “That is what I love most about string quartet covers. You can take an incredible badass tune and make it beautiful and luscious.

Justin explained that even though that is not Justin’s goal, it is a compliment that someone does not recognize a song. He said, “That kinda lets me know our goal to make the string covers fit within that time frame is working.”