Arden ChoYou know a few things about climbing up the ladder.

Netflix has new seriesPartner Track, premiering Aug. 26, Cho plays Ingrid, a smart and determined lawyer trying to make a name for herself at one of New York’s most competitive law firms, while constantly being passed over by her white, male counterparts. 

Arden, unfortunately, is well-acquainted with this struggle.

“When I’m standing there as Ingrid filming these scenes, there are so many times that I’m like, ‘Oh, I know this feeling,'” Arden exclusively told CelebHomes News. While I might have not been mistakenly identified as a paralegal before, I am certain that I was mistaken.

She continued, “I’ve been mistaken as, ‘Oh, background is here,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m a series regular.'”

Arden spoke out about her decision in May to decline a position as a reporter for the forthcoming magazine. Teen WolfParamount+ has a revival movie. She found out that her earnings per episode were half what the female stars earned during three seasons as a key character on MTV.

But it is not. Track for PartnersArden is the front-and-center. For her, the show wasn’t just about visibility, in general, it was about the moving the needle into more progressive forms of visibility.