Spoiler alert: The following article includes details about the latest episode of season 2. It’s as Simple As That.

Dear John: Please stop sending Carrie poor letters.

23 Dec Sex and the City fans got another shocking surprise in the twisting saga of And Just Like That. In the episode “Some of My Best Friends,” Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) took Mr. Big’s (Chris Noth) ashes back to her old apartment—in a Barney’s shopping bag she pulled out from storage.

Walking his ashes into her old closet she gently placed the remains on a shelf as she told him, “Just until I figure out where you really want to be.” Somberly, she stepped into her bedroom and back into her new reality of being single again in the city.

Looking down at her nightstand, Carrie spotted a handwritten letter from BFF Stanford (Willie Garson) “Dearest Carrie,” the letter began, “By the time you read this I’ll be in Tokyo. You couldn’t hear me without breaking down. I’m done with crying now.”