Steve MartinHe is tapping into his sweet side.

The July 12th episode of Nur Murders are allowed in the Building saw the introduction of a person Charles (Martin) cares deeply about: Lucy (Zoe CollettiHis ex-girlfriend was his teenage girlfriend’s daughter. This is the first time viewers have seen how caring and sentimental Charles truly is. It evokes the same emotions that Steve has. Father of the bride character did in 1991. 

“There’s no way around it,” creator John Hoffman told CelebHomes News. CelebHomes News: “We have an impressive cast and they have huge careers so it’s easy to bump into certain aspects about their careers.”

Hoffman stated that the writers were trying to produce a new comedy but they aren’t going to ignore aspects of their past. So for Steve, they couldn’t help but call back to his days in the beloved Nancy Meyers movie. Hoffman stated that Hoffman is the father in those scenes. Hoffman also said Hoffman was a comforting and lovely man. It’s an honor to see him interact with that, and share that experience for the audience.