JoJo SiwaThe latest haircut will have you doing a double take. 

Nickelodeon’s star of Nickelodeon showed off her new look on July 12. She wore a mohawk. “Since the mohawk is getting a lot of reviews—some good some ehh, the opposite—I thought I’d show you guys how I did it,” she shared in a TikTok tutorial video. So basically I teased each section of my hair and then spray. Tease, spray, tease, spray, tease, spray. A comb was used. At various points, I used clips. It’s very easy.

Following mixed reviews on TikTok from her fans, she shared another video in which her mother, aged 19 years, was present. Jessalynn Siwa, had some choice words for those who did not like her daughter’s new ‘do.

JoJo stated in this clip, “I think that my hair is cool.” “My mom thinks it’s cool and that’s all that matters.” Jessalynn, her mom, agreed and yelled in the background “F-k them hateers!”