It should be kept in your family.

It’s also the motto that La Detresse cofounders Alana Hadid Emily Perlstein are following with their latest collection, Summer Trip. In fact, the duo paid tribute to a number of loved ones with their new clothing items, including naming two tank dresses after Alana’s younger sister Gigi Hadi.

“We’ve always been so supported,” Alana told CelebHomes News at the Summer Trip collection celebration, held at Dante Seaport in New York City July 14. “I think the greatest thing about our brand is how supportive we feel by our friends, family. That’s why we named so many pieces after our families.”

Alana, her younger sister Bella Hadid was by her side at the event, added, “It’s a tribute.”

The inspiration for this collection is: “It’s about a summer trip—which is a little play on words because people are getting out, they’re traveling again,” Alana explained. People are permitted to take a trip on the summer. It’s also quite psychedelic.