One guest is now fewer at the BB Motel

Episode 14 of the July episode Big Brother saw Paloma Aguilar self-evict herself, just hours before there was supposed to be a live eviction. Paloma explained she wasn’t sleeping and had been struggling with anxiety since entering the house, so she felt it was best to leave.

A note was sent by Head of Household to the houseguests, informing them about her departure. Daniel Durston shared with the group. Paloma has decided to leave the group due to personal reasons. Big BrotherHe read, “You are the best!” She wanted to let you know that she loved you and wished you the very best.”

Due to Paloma’s unexpected exit, neither the Houseguests nor Paloma could vote TaylOr Hale or Terrance Higgins to participate in the Backstage Boss challenge. Whoever received the most votes would’ve gone up against one of the Backstage Pass holders—Alyssa Snider, Brittany Hoopes and Paloma held a pass—and whoever lost in the battle would’ve gone home immediately.