It pays well to start a side business. 

Enjoy this exclusive clip of HBO Max’s season 2 premiere House of Ho, premiering Aug. 24, Washington HoHis professional goals don’t get in his way of his dreams for the music industry. 

“My father in law dreams of owning a car dealership,” says his wife. Lesley explains. Washington sells cars now to understand the business.

It’s a good idea to emulate your dad.

Working in an environment where my boss is present? Washington questions. “It’s weird.”

Okay, that’s a good start.

Washington still has hope, but he says, “But every day that I work, there is one step closer towards the dream of owning an automobile dealership.”

It’s all part of the spirit.

Washington tells Washington, as he is about to depart for the next day, that he will “sell some cars, make money, and be king” of Ho.