Sherlock, the one and only, is historically known to live in a quaint, simple, and elegant manner. TV’s new Sherlock, Jonny Lee Miller, helps accentuate such a way of life on-screen and out. The modern-day take on Sherlock began its second season on January 2. Three more days til the second-to-last episode of season 2, and who knows when the last episode will air. The show has received positive feedback. Lets hope that it goes into season 3. Otherwise our new Sherlock, here, will no longer be needed for cracking mysteries. At least his wife and fellow Hollywood employee, Michele Hicks, has some work lined up for her.

Additionally, her and Jonny bagged $1.66 million last August for their modest 3 bed and 2.5 bath estate in Hollywood Hills. The paint job and foliage are very welcoming. You’d think that Curious George once inhabited the place. You might also think that the 2,832 sq ft house doesn’t have two stories. The second floor actually has an indoor/outdoor patio that overlooks the backyard nicely. Estate comes with a fireplace and a personal parking space.

Address: Unknown