A person’s phone is often referred to as their kingdom. What happens though when it comes right into a nightmare? Welcome to the world of the latest cybersecurity threat that is new on the rise – home title theft.  It has become such an issue that reported real estate losses are now twice as much as credit card fraud.

What is home title theft, you say? It is a sneaky act where a criminal attempts to make a copy of your deed with the property assessor passing it off as their own as a forged deed. All too often, the homeowner is not aware of these actions until they get an unsuspecting notification that their house is in foreclosure. Part of the focus that the cyber criminal is doing is that they are able to start up new home loans and steal your home equity that you’ve worked so hard for.

How can you stay ahead of the game and be prepared against home title theft? Services such as Home Title Lock can help you fight these forces and have your back. 

Learn more about home title theft, how it happens, and what you can do to protect yourself in the infographic below:

Latest cyberthreat is stealing your home equity
Source: HomeTitleLock.com