Hilary said that her father’s death was a devastating loss. She also wrote: “But, in this physical pain, as terrible as it may be, I felt the greatest sense of living again.” This helped me to understand life’s circle and to see where I come from, and to where I go back to. It has brought me back to who my true self is. This helped me to forgive and get past any obstacles that kept me from my true self, no matter how small. It also allowed me to be deeply connected with the Ultimate Source, and my Dad, forever.”

“I wish that the trials and tribulations of this last year have brought you closer to your authentic essence, and helped you navigate into the New Year with all the blessings you need. She continued by referring to almost two years of COVID-19-related pandemics. I love all of you and am thankful for your support. You are all blessed with peace and many blessings. #HappyNewYear #ILoveYouDad #Forever”