Hilary Duff shared her baby girl is facing an illness.

It Lizzie McGuireStar claimed that her 16 month-old daughter is now a star Mae James BairThey share a husband,. Matthew KomaHand, foot, and mouth diseases.

“None of my children have ever touched foot, hand.” [and]Hilary stated in an Aug. 10, Instagram Story that she had never seen it before. That looks horrible.”

According to Mayo Clinic, hand, foot and mouth disease is a mild viral infection that can cause mouth sores and a rash on the hands and feet.

Hilary stated that Hilary is feeling “so strange” for not being able be there with her daughter all day because of work.

It was a tribute to her job, but she also said that it was a way to show support to those parents who are forced to work during times when their kids don’t feel at home. It’s almost like it goes against all their bodies to be there in such times.