Now is the time to “With Love”

For months, TikTok users have been emulating the now-iconic dance Hilary Duff previously performed on Today In 2007. And while those clips amused the masses, nothing will ever compare to seeing the dance as done by the Lizzie McGuireActress herself

After much pestering, Hilary finally gave in to the demands of her three-year-old daughter. Hilary wrote on Monday, Nov. 15 that her TikTok caption said, “So, I can quit receiving.” [texts] about this….[peace sign emoji].”

She expertly waved her arms and danced about in a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt, transporting people back to the days when she was promoting her album Dignity. Moreover, she performed with the appropriate amount of energy—meaning, not much!—joking in her caption, “also….. I tik toked….and it was a 12% kinda day.”

She was a popular figure, and her fans included Ashley Tisdale and Jenna Dewan, went wild. The Step Up star wrote, “Amazing,” all Ashley could say was, “YESSSSS.”