It High School Musical: The Musical SeriesThe season 3 soundtrack has everything we wanted. 

We couldn’t be happier with the third season of Disney+. It drops new episodes each Wednesday. 

We have original music High School Musical music, Camp Rock music, Frozen music,” Matt CornettCelebHomes News Exclusive: E.J.’s story revealed by. “There is so much right now that it’s unbelievable.”

You are correct, Disney historians. Camp Rock!

A version of “It’s On” is performed by the cast. Camp Rock 2 – The Final JamOriginal performance by Demi Lovatoas well as members of the ensemble cast. 

The good news is that the HSM:TM:TSWe were just as thrilled as they are. Meg DonnellyVal (played by Jeremy) called the song “a masterpiece” and Frankie Rodriguez, who plays Carlos, was pumped for the choreography, explaining, “It was one of my favorites because I love big group dance scenes.”