If you’re looking for more insights, here are some reviews from MAC shoppers who adore this mascara.

One customer said that she loved the mascara. Only one coat sufficed to give my lashes the 1. I was 2. Thick and 3.) longer! The mascara looked so big that my lashes almost tripled in size. It didn’t clump or fall out.

One said that he believed the hype. The majority of reviews I read were from people who bought it for a promotional offer, so the credibility of these reviews was not reliable. But I was mistaken. It’s amazing. It’s time to get rid of my junk.

The mascara was loved by many who said it is worth the money. This mascara has a lot of hype – my short blonde lashes make me look like I have falsies! The best part? No flakes and smudges! Yaaaasssss!!!”

“The best mascara! This mascara is my absolute favorite. It doesn’t weigh your lashes down and does not clump. “10/10 recommendation,” one person wrote.

Another user claimed: “I bought this mascara and I love it. I feel like I have long hair.”

“Claims exist. It’s been a week since I tried it and have loved it. This mascara is my favorite high-end mascara. Easy to apply, doesn’t fall off during the day. Does not irritate my eyes.