Nowadays, modern homes have high demands when it comes to the internet and data. Luckily, there is a new wifi network infrastructure that caters to this high demand; the mesh wifi. Mesh wifi has a central router and additional wifi units. These units give you an umbrella network in your home without compromising on the internet speed. 

Eero and Orbi are just two of the mesh wifi networks available on the market. If you want to get one but you just do not know which one; here is what you need to know about Eero and orbi before making your decision. 


Eero and Orbi have some things in common; hardware, wireless technology, and is user-friendly.


The wifi networks have been built with Qualcomm chipsets; they have the IPQ4019 chipset. They have a 512 MB of RAM and come with a 4GB of flash memory. Eero and Orbi have a 2.4GHz radio and a 5GHZ radio. The first radio uses Qualcomm IPQ4019. Eero’s second radio uses Qualcomm QCA9886 SoC and Orbi’s uses Qualcomm QCA9984 chipset. 

Wireless technology

Orbi and Eero have Bluetooth LE technology; Orbi uses Bluetooth 4.1 and Eero uses Bluetooth 4.2. Both wifi networks use the newest wifi standard – IEEE 802.11ac. Both systems support Beamforming. The feature enables your system to send wifi signals to a given user device. As a result, you get an efficient wireless coverage. 


The other thing the wifi systems have in common is that they are both easy to use. You will not encounter any problem installing and operating any of them in your home. 


The differences between the Eero vs Orbi are in terms of their management, speed performance, and connectivity options. 


Eero has a user-friendly mobile app that makes it easy to monitor your speed and set up the system. The Orbi wifi system, on the other hand, has an app but you still have to use the website to make any changes. 

Speed performance

On the performance, Orbi is capable of delivering 3000Mbps, which is a combined speed on all the frequency bands. Orbi has a separator 5GHz band that is used in communicating between satellite and the router. Eero has fewer speeds as compared to Orbi. Eero has 550Mbps with its tri-band wifi. You cannot use it if you download a lot. 

Connectivity options

The wifi systems also differ in terms of their connectivity options. When it comes to connectivity, Orbi emerges on top. It provides a wide variety of connectivity options. You can use ethernet ports on satellites and router. Eero is based only on wireless connectivity. 

Eero vs Orbi, the choice is yours but they are both excellent mesh wifi systems. Both have great features and qualities to help keep your home connected at all times. Any of the two systems can keep the devices running even when you move around your home. You can now make an informed choice once you go through the similarities and differences of both wifi systems.