This natural option offers all of the benefits that retinol has but is more suitable for sensitive skin. It smoothens wrinkles and fine lines while also hydrating. Smoothing serum treats uneven skin texture, dryness, and wrinkles. In a clinical study shared by the brand, 91% agreed doesn’t cause visible signs of irritation, 85% agreed that their skin looks smoother, and 85% agreed that dull skin appearance is reduced.

One fan said that they couldn’t live without the product. Face care is a huge expense for me. I buy facials and other products every year. It is the #1 product in my line-up! This is the only product that I use in the morning. It provides me with the most radiant skin throughout the day. My skin is never dry because it acts as a moisturizer. This is something I absolutely love!”

A third person stated, “Best ever face serum.” Was given a sample & I was so happy with the results ordered a bottle asap, my skin was clearer, plumper, smoother & I noticed a difference right away! I will continue to use it.”