When choosing a mattress, you cannot just go for the most popular or trending products (though it can be a good starting point). Comfort is a top priority when looking for a mattress, either in brick-and-mortar shops or bed-in-box front-door delivery. Leesa and Helix mattresses have their very own merits to comfort, sustainability, quality, and features that set them apart from each other, and in the mattress industry. 

Which Mattress is Better

Just like all products and services available for us, there’s no universal mattress with one-size-fits-all. Those who provide the same insights about mattress brands have, at some point, similarities with preferred mattress firmness, support, bounce, motion-control, and budget. 

Mattress construction plays a vital part for manufacturers to provide the perfect support needed by individual preference and sleep-demands. Both beds are famous for some reasons; convenience and comfort. Leesa is a crowd-favorite due to the universal coziness, while Helix has a unique approach to meet your personal preference and individual bed-feel. 

Since Helix mattresses are known for total customization and Leesa for increased durability and support, choosing one goes down to what you ‘really’ need. You can compare Leesa with Helix here to help you break down intensive details from construction, detailed-features, and sleep patterns for the most comfortable support and quality slumber.

Is Helix The Best Mattress?

Doing quick research about the Helix mattress is vital. The brand is known for customizing beds based on individual feel-preference. It offers a line of nine constructions to meet your demand.

What’s unique about them is that you can purchase a mattress with total opposite firmness. Either you go for a firm side or a soft one, Helix will build that for you. Their beds have a total of ten inches thickness. 

For people who have special needs for additional pressure relief, the proprietary combination of memory foams and designed mattress for heavyweight sleepers comes in twelve inches height.

All Helix bed are made with:

  • 4 Layers of micro coils

1st layer – is designed to provide comfort and cooling (2′ thick) dynamic foam that resembles latex, bit bouncy, neutral temperature, and responsiveness.

2nd layer – firmer layer for support made with high-grade poly-foam.

3rd later – constructed from micro coils that are individually pocketed for reinforce edge support.

4th layer – the mattress foundation for support and durability made with DuraDense foam

  • Polyfoam
  • Memory foam materials

When it comes to the mattress cover, it’s breathable, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and comes in a stylish color that depends on the chosen model for you. Helix allows you to select a specialized cover to incorporate on preference.

Is A Leesa Mattress Worth Buying?

The universal comfort and support that Leesa mattress provides make it a distinct choice. It’s constructed of three combined layers of foam that have a unique characteristic for giving support to sleepers. The top layer has a unique feature that sets it apart from the comfort-competition. 

Leesa mattress comes with three layers of comfort: 

  • 1st layer – it’s two-inches thick, made of foam with pinholes. It offers an excellent cooling effect, responsiveness, and bounce.
  • 2nd layer – constructed with conventional two-inches memory foam. It offers total support while alleviating pressure points through integration that meets various sleeping demands.
  • 3rd layer – it’s made with a six-inches tall foundation for more in-depth compression support. It keeps the mattress in perfect shape and provides thorough airflow.

Which One Should You Buy Then?

Considering the comfort and support that these two popular brands offer, it’s safe to say that they both have their podium for quality. Helix is known for providing a unique custom-approach to its clients while Leesa has universal comfort, bounce, responsiveness, pressure relief, and firmness. 

Helix is suitable for sleepers who want a personalized approach to the comfort and support that they prefer. With a complete guide on determining your bed, regardless of how unique your needs are, Helix can custom-fit that for you. 

Leesa is recommended for sleepers who’re looking for a reliable yet unified firmness level ideal for 80% sleepers. It’s a balanced feel and suitable for people who are still searching for something that will fit their preference. 


While it’s a tricky question based on individual demand, you have to look for one specific factor: comfort. The quality, density, thickness, bounce, or support of your mattress should align with the ease that you prefer. There are plenty of beds available in the market, but inevitably, they will stand out and provide the right convenience and comfort you’ve been looking for.

Both Helix and Leesa are excellent beds, it’s all about hitting the right spot that enables you to sleep better and wake up relieved from yesterday’s pressure.