Jon Snow could still have some knowledge.

HBO is exploring a potential Game of Thrones spinoff, a sequel series focusing on Kit Harington‘s character, DeadlineReported on June 16 The Hollywood Reporter Also, it was reported that early development has begun on the project by the cable network. CelebHomes News reached HBO for comment.

According to both outlets, Harington will likely reprise the role of Jon (a.k.a. Aegon Targayen should be involved in the production. CelebHomes News reached the rep of the actor for comment but did not hear back.

Two months prior to the HBO premiere, this report is available House of the DragonYou can find out more at Game of Thrones prequel series. Prequels more, one of which is based on the creator George R.R. Martin‘s Stories of Dunk and Egg Books seriesThey are still in development.

The end of Game of ThronesJon kills his father in a horrific crime. Jon, who aired the final season in 2019, is exiled. He rejoins Tormund, Ghost and Ghost as he leads the Wildlings North of the Wall.