Hayley KiyokoShe knows that her fans hold high expectations.

The pop singer believes that her fans have been waiting too long for her second album after her first one was released in 2004. Now, Hayley is ready to share her authentic self—and prove good things come to those who wait—with the release of PANORAMA.

Hayley shared exclusively with CelebHomes News that “I am a perfectionist” and wanted a complete album. I set the bar high. This isn’t easy. But I want to show my fans the best me.

Hayley states that ExpectationsWe shared the experience of “catching up” with our present selves. Together PANORAMAAs an LGBTQ+ activist and advocate, her music best exemplifies who she is today.

She said, “I believe as a queer individual, we are constantly catching up to ourselves.” It’s a constant struggle to find our way. It’s difficult to learn from traumas and walls we have created. This is both my realst self and the present moment.