Hayden PanettiereIn her sobriety journey, she has discovered the peace and joy that she longs to find.
She recently spoke out about past issues with opioid addiction and alcoholism at 32 years old. According to her, she said that “I thought I was the best in the world but then I lost it.” People. “I would think that I’d hit rock bottom. Then there’s the trap door that opens.”
The former child star said she was just 15 when someone offered her “happy pills” before walking red carpets. They were supposed to make her happy for interviews, she said. “I didn’t realize that I was doing something inappropriate, nor that my addiction would lead to other doors.
She was not a star, but she did succeed professionally. HeroesOnly 16. Her saving grace? I could not be messy when on set or working,” she said. But things got out of control. [off set]. As I grew older, I found that I couldn’t do without alcohol and drugs.