It’s nothing to worry about darling.

A date night with Olivia WildeAug. 18 in New York City Harry Styles was a protective boyfriend as the two exited the Italian restaurant Rubirosa to be greeted by a large awaiting crowd of fans and paparazzi. First, the pop star was followed by a male bodyguard. The actress then came out following him. Harry slowly took her by the hand and continued his departure.

Olivia, 38 years old, wore short sleeves navy top and tucked it into a maxi-skirt with jungle print. She paired this outfit with black and white Adidas shoes. Harry, 28, wore a white, yellow and violet button-down crochet shirt, opened at the chest, brown pin-striped pants, white sneakers and a black mask.

The couple was spotted together walking in the city a day before. An eyewitness told CelebHomes News that Olivia and Harry looked “super happy and playful with each other” as they made their way down the sidewalk.