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It is my goal to glow natural, brighten from within. A part of me wishes everyone would ask the question “What highlighter is you using?” While I am happy to give my recommendations for beauty products to anyone interested, it is also because I feel like I glow. It’s nothing serious but I was thinking about it a lot. RMS Beauty luminizer can be used as a highlighter that isn’t glittery. Apply a small amount with my finger, and then blend in the product with my hands or with a sponge. It’s great to use on my cheeks and eyelids as well as the corner of my eyes. It’s a life-changing product I love since 2017. This little container lasts me a year. All It’s worth the effort. The investment is well-worth it. 

RMS Beauty offers more than just this great product. Tinted Daily Lip Balm by RMS Beauty has a remarkably hydrating formula. The Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara does exactly what the name suggests. Although I don’t need to apply a ton of mascara, it’s easy to layer on more if you want it to have more volume. And, of course, the ReEvolve Natural Finish Foundation is great to deliver a smooth coverage that doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. 

QVC has all the products you need to test them out. QVC offers a $52 bundle that includes all these products. The bundle would run you $134 if you purchased each of the items individually. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your glow on.