Harry StylesHe has now made his bed and will travel around the world in it. 

The former One Direction member released the music video for “Late Night Talking,” the latest single from his third album Harry’s HouseOn July 13, In this dreamy clip, the young woman embarks on an amazing adventure in London with a new mode of transportation: A magical, teleporting bed.  

When Harry, dressed in a plaid pajama and polka dots, wakes up alone in the bedroom of his own home. As he burrows deeper into his sheets, the singer is sucked headfirst into a brand new, extra cozy dimension and winds up crashing a sensual slumber party across a massive, red bed.  

Then there’s the Night changes Don’t stop there. Harry pops up at a fashion exhibition, eats some spaghetti and meatballs with a woman on a twin bed in a train car and then finds himself taking in a bit of theater from his very own box…Spring Mattress