Lala KentIt has Harry Jowsey‘s heart Vanderpumping like crazy.

The following are the Too hot to handle cast member appeared on the April 14 episode of CelebHomes’s exclusive video series In the DMsHe couldn’t resist revealing how he felt about Lala, his reality television star. According to Harry, the two first hit it off when Lala joined him for an interview on his podcast Click HereBack in March. Harry also recalled that he had heard the following comment from Harry: “Lala’s the best!” Harry is hot. Lala, give them! You should give them Harry. It is obvious that he will give it for her good!

Harry sent the message of enthusiasm to Lala. He added: “Check out that comment. Tell me your thoughts!

What was her response? Her response? 

Harry was able to cut straight to the chase after this revelation. “You just let me know when you can fit me into your tight schedule,” he said he DM’d Lala, “and I’ll take care of the rest!”