Khloe Kardashian Harry Jowsey may not be dating, but he’s still game for a little heart-to-heart.
A few days following the event, Staying up with the Kardashians Harry posted on social media about Harry and the couple to clear up rumors of her being with Netflix’s star. The not-so subtle message was that Harry had sent a direct message to her. Too hot to handleStar’s current Instagram bio reads: “In a very serious, committed relationship with @netflix(not Khloe)”, along with a pink hearts emoji.
Harry has made recent social media changes after accidentally spreading rumors about Khloe and his love life. The speculation didn’t get out of control, however. Khloe retorted on the spot after a Kardashian Jenner fan posted an Instagram story claiming the pair had been “DM-ing back-and-forth” and Harry even “picked-up a Bentley with flowers to hand them over to her home.”

“I think it’s false, but I’m not sure what to make of this.” The caption read “Absolutely Not True”, which Khloe responded to.