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We can’t imagine a reality where Hailey Bieber isn’tWe consider Hailey to be our fashion icon so we aren’t surprised that she has a collaboration with Vogue Eyewear. The collaboration is clearly reminiscent of Hailey’s personal style. The model and iconic fashion company teamed up for a collection of eyewear styles that are trending and classic at the same time, two words that contradict each other but both seem to describe the chic collection (and Hailey’s style!). 

Hailey states that Vogue Eyewear is noted for offering unique styles to suit everyone. I believe that eyewear can enhance your appearance. We focused our efforts on creating options that would fit any look.

The collaboration is reminiscent of Hailey’s recent Hollywood-inspired Saint Laurent Met Gala outfit, which would not have been complete without the most stylish pair of sunglasses. In a Youtube video, she shared that Justin Bieber and her often choose the same style of sunglass because they share similar faces.  

This collection will suit any look or shape. Scroll below for Hailey Bieber X Vogue Eyewear styles and other Vogue Eyewear styles that are on sale now.