To Hailey Bieber, one musician in her house is more than enough.

In a YouTube video, the Supermodel answered fan questions on Wednesday Nov. 17 and shared with viewers that she had no plans to perform together again. Justin Bieber.

A fan asked Hailey whether she had ever sang onstage with Justin before. This was the moment when Hailey revealed her candid truth. Hailey replied with a grave expression that said, “That sound tragic.”

She said, “I don’t sound bad but I’m not a good singer.” I would be mortified.”

She laughed and added “So no.”

Hailey prefers to spend quality time with Justin, 27, doing other things. As she explains elsewhere in the video, she believes it’s important to separate work from her private life and put family first.

“It is important to determine your priorities. If your work lives become more important that your spouse and family, then it can be consuming,” she stated.