Aside from that “one solidified moment,” Hailey had hope that the two would make things work.

Hailey spoke earlier in the podcast about why she didn’t lose faith in her relationship to Justin. Hailey stated that everyone has wondered why Hailey held on to the idea and hoped it would work out. She explained that Justin was serious about their relationship because the conversations they had behind closed doors were about long-term goals for marriage and children.

“We were having pillow talks, and he said that my biggest goal in this life is to have healthy children. Hailey continued: “I think that he is joking because he doesn’t have to say it.” “We have had so many conversations about what our goals were and where we wanted us to be at a particular age. We wanted to marry young, have a young family, and have children young.

She stated that there was “lots of alignment” between them about “where we want to end up.”