“It feels like it’s only 2. It feels like maybe 2. Ha,” she wrote. “There is so much stigma attached to the word alcoholism, or the label of an “alcoholic.” My life required me to accept failure, pain and brokenness as part of my daily work. The problem was not with the drinking. I was. I didn’t love me. I didn’t respect my power.”

She continued, “Today I do.” “I have made peace with my fears and accepted the parts that are just sad in my life. With soulful courage, I take control of my own power. I am open and honest. I am free.”

Simpson has discussed her past alcohol abuse before, including in Open Book. In her memoir, the fashion mogul recalled a day when she had been drinking and was unable to get daughter Maxwell, 9 and son Ace, 8, whom she shares with husband Eric JohnsonReady for Halloween 2017

Simpson, a 2-year-old sister to Simpson, said that she was afraid of them seeing her in that shape. Birdie with the former football player, wrote, per Today. “I am ashamed of saying that I don’t even know who put them in their costumes that night.”