Ashley Callingbull She has been a part of many firsts, but she has worked hard to ensure she is not the last. 

The former Miss Canada winner and proud Plains Cree Indigenous woman from Cree Nation and Treaty six territory has dedicated her life to “positive representation” as a model, actress, author and activist. 

“For a lot my life, a lot a lot the things that have had to chase, they weren’t open to me because [I’m] an Indigenous woman acting or modeling,” Callingbull told CelebHomes News Nov. 1 in honour of our “Ones to Watch” video series celebrating Indigenous heritage. “And that’s what I’ve been told, you know. [that]Because Indigenous people aren’t relatable, we won’t be casting you, which is so crazy to hear. Things are changing now and it’s taking too long to get there. 

Callingbull said, “My culture really shaped my because I always had this idea about, ‘Well why can’t you do this?’ Why can’t you? I thought, “Why can’t I?”