If Hannah Einbinder had her way, Ava would be far away from the world of comedy in season three of Hacks.

“I’m hoping that when we next meet Ava, she is living in a communal agrarian society where there’s no money being asked, child rearing and goods and services are exchanged out of the goodness of everyone’s heart,” the Emmy nominee, who’s up for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy, joked to CelebHomes News. Everyone just does their best and there’s no government.

Deborah Vance is next ().Jean SmartShe would not reconsider firing the young comedian. Hannah added, “She clearly takes a bath for the first eight months. She then joins Deborah.”

Hannah has finished all of that, and is now leaving you to write. Hacks Creators Paul W. DownsLucia Aniello Jen Statsky. Hannah stated, “I am never shocked at the quality these writers produce,” but she said that “I’m always amazed at where they take the show.”