Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Goop may be considered a wellness bible to some, but one former exec says following the company’s advice made her feel unhealthy.

Ex-chief content officer for the company Elise Loehnen claims she developed a distorted body image after participating various cleanses. Loehnen said that after leaving Goop, Loehnen vowed to never return to restrictive resets.

In an Instagram video posted Match 22, she stated that “it had become synonymous to dieting and restriction.” “I felt that I wasn’t in a healthy relationship to my body and was constantly trying to punish it.” [and]Bring it under control.

Loehnen said that she realized her former eating habits were problematic while talking with a friend who reminded her “that wellness culture can be toxic” just like eating an abundance of overly processed foods can be toxic.

Today, in addition to not weighing herself, Loehnen explained she has been “healthy in terms of letting go of ideas of what my body should look like as a 42-year-old who has had two kids.”