So, what were Paltrow’s biggest takeaways from behind-the-scenes? 

“I think women are scared to explore and ask for what they want because a lot of us, especially my generation—hopefully less so as the generations go down—have been taught it’s shameful to think about sex, to talk about sex, and so that’s really deep in us,” Paltrow revealed. “We don’t have the permission to do it and it’s like you’re not a ‘good girl’ if you’re exploring things or you’re exploring sexuality and moving boundaries, so that’s an issue.” 

She added, “For men, I think it becomes more of a, ‘Well, why? Do you think I’m doing it wrong?’ So it comes from more of a defensive place with men. That’s what we’re trying to break down on both sides.” 

And, a certain sex toy did piqué Paltrow’s interest!

“The wolverine claw could be very interesting,” Paltrow teased. “I never thought about this before.” 

Watch the full interview above! 

Sex, Love & goop premieres Thursday, Oct. 21 on Netflix.