Gwyneth PaltrowWe are ready to assist Poosh Kourtney KardashianThe right direction for’s family.

Hulu’s June 2 episode The KardashiansKourtney stopped at Goop to speak with Gwyneth about the candle collab. During the visit, the Goop creator offered advice to Kourtney about blending her family with her fiancé Travis Barker‘s.

Kourtney was asked by Gwyneth “How long have your guys been together?” She replied “Like a year, four months”

After Kourtney noted that she was not living with Travis following their October 2021 engagement, Gwyneth revealed, “My husband I did not live together until we’d been married for a year.”

“Really?” Kourtney was surprised and asked, “Really?” “Was it a coincidence or a cause?”

Gwyneth says that Glee was co-creator with her husband. Brad FalchukThis was a decision that he made for his children. Gwyneth, through her marriage with Brad is his step-mom. IsabellaAnd his son Brody. Two teenage kids are also hers. AppleAnd MosesColdplay, her ex-husband Chris Martin.