Drew ScottThe new owner of the home is

It Property BrothersHe and his wife star Linda PhanThey welcomed their first baby, a boy named Afterall, into the world. Parker James Scott, on May 12—the fourth anniversary of their wedding. Drew posted an Instagram photo showing Drew and the baby snuggling together.

Drew and Linda went in depth about their bundle of joy, on the episode of Their Podcast that aired June 1. At HomeThey also revealed in a podcast that they would be taking a brief hiatus “to enjoy this time as they navigate our new roles of parents.”

Drew posted, “Our baby boy is healthy.” “He’s adorable.”

Though feeling a bit “pooped,” Linda said she was “very happy” to finally have their little one at home after 44 long hours of labor.

Linda described the epidural she received before her cesarean. Linda stated that it seemed like a blur. Just being present is all that you can do. It was strangely peaceful for most of the time. As if it was all just my body moving along.