Sarah DrewIt was basically a home run.

Jesse Williams Broadway Play: New Role Get Me OutSome nudity is reminiscent of the former Grey’s Anatomy star. But in a recent CelebHomes News exclusive interview, Sarah—who is returning to the long-running ABC medical drama alongside Jesse for the 400th episode—showed support for her former co-star.

Specifically, the actress defended that the nudity in the show is “art.”

Sarah stated that “the funny thing about this show is that the nudity doesn’t seem shocking.” It’s amazing how much it is. The entire baseball team is naked. You can see everyone naked. It was so.

And while she is in full support of the nude scene, Sarah said she “bought a ticket in the balcony, because I didn’t need to be super close” to it.

She continued, saying that the show was “glorious. He is a star on the stage. It was an honor to see him perform.