When you begin to consider remodeling your home expressly to meet their demands, you realize your dogs and other four-footed friends are true members of the family. They deserve pet bed frames. Of course, you want your cat, dog, or any other animal living under your roof to be content, so why not include a few luxuries designed specifically for them? Additionally, your home will appeal to other animal lovers more when the time comes to sell it. That is to say, pet improvements today go much beyond the typical little swinging door.

Don’t overlook the nook

If it’s not a closet, the space below your stairs is normally just empty space, so think about turning it into a stylish dog nook. Speak to your contractor about carving out this area to create a cozy nest for your dog. After adding lights, give the interior a splash of color. Additionally, you may hang some amusing wall decor on the walls, like photographs of their favorite foods, bones for dogs, or paws for cats. Pick a lovely bed or canine version of a smaller chaise lounge. Your pet will have a fantastic place to relax, and you’ll have a great topic of conversation.

Treat your pets like celebrities.

And they’ll act like well-mannered movie stars.

Spill-Resistant Dishes

After animal fur, dog food is the second-largest source of pet filth in most houses. The answer is an integrated feeding station that will minimize spillage and store plates out of the way of traffic. Try constructing hidden compartments in the kitchen to store dog food bags and keep them from accumulating on the pantry floor. If you feed your pet in the mudroom, hang her leash, an extra collar, and outerwear from these hooks. Shampoo, dog treat jars, and pet medications can all be stored on a cubby or shelf. Some sliding wire baskets are ideal for organizing toys, whether stored in the living or mudroom. 

A Canine Shower

Do you want your Old English Sheepdog to share your bathtub? (Note: This question is rhetorical.) A canine shower made just for dogs will be essential if you have one that frequently gets dirty. Consider getting a walk-in shower or one with a step your dog can climb into; simple rinsing is made possible with a shower nozzle with a long hose connection. For post-bath grooming, you can store towels and a dog brush in the cabinets above the shower stall.

Similar beds

Dogs must have their own bed, and the solution is a stylish dog bed. Choose bedspreads in complementary hues for your bed and the dog’s bed if you adore the coordinated appearance. If you have the room, set aside a corner of your bedroom for your dog, furnishing it with a bed, pillows, and a basket for toys.

These are just a few home upgrades you can do for your pets. You might consider a climbing wall for cats or a built-in sandbox for iguanas and tortoises. Use your imagination; your pets will thank you!