Grace and Frankie They are friends until the end.

Netflix posted a sneak peak of the final episodes of Season Seven on April 14th, ahead of its premiere. This trailer is shown Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as they continue to grapple with how they want to spend their lives, more importantly, who they want to spend it with.

Jane Grace feels disappointed by the men she was in love with. Frankie said that she “went from being an insecure woman to knowing her husband wasn’t gay” and, in turn, was dissatisfied in Jane Grace’s husband. 

Frankie replied, “Next time just marry a homosexual criminal and cross off all the boxes.”

Frankie goes through a time of reflection as well. Frankie explained that as you get closer to the end, you begin to question your true identity.

Frankie has difficulty imagining her memorable moments since she realized that she had “never done anything” during her time on Earth. Frankie is now motivated to find new adventures and says, “I want a triumphant end to my life.”