Netflix kicks off July without fireworks: Netflix has a big start to the month.

It has officially revealed its streaming lineup for July, and we can safely say that it will be our whole schedule centered around those premiere dates. Fans eager to see the second volume Stranger Things 4You don’t have to wait! AllIt won’t be long, as the series premieres on July 1st.

The streaming service will also have a number of classic films available that day, such as The Mean Girls (how fetch), GoodFellas, Boogie Nights, Catch me if you can, The Dark Knight Rises, Happiness is the pursuit of happinessAnd Zero Dark Thirty.

However, that’s just the beginning. Netflix is a favorite of Netflix fans Lana Condor will also be back on our screens (and in high school again) with her series, Boo Boo. For those who want to experience true jump scares there is a plethora of films like Valley of the Dead, The insidiousAnd Blair Witch.