Jennifer wasn’t the only artist Sherry has shown love to over the past few years. According to the actress, she had once sent a message. Drake In 2017, he didn’t respond to her. 

“I’ve absolutely slid into Drake’s DMs saying, ‘you up?'” She said. He’s still lying down, I think.” 

The DMs are the most important. Turning Red actress revealed she has a “few celeb crushes” that she likes to frequently message, including singer-songwriter Tinashe…also hasn’t responded yet. (Message Sherry, you’re welcome!)

Sherry responded, “A lot heart eye emojis are not seen.” Sherry said that she doesn’t give up on hope and added, “But one of these days!” A girl can dream!” 

She joked, “Maybe her’ll see that.” “Tinashe, hit me up!”