Sometimes it’s okay to feel bad.

Leslie BibbThis is what I discovered after walking into Satan’s shoes to create Netflix’s latest series. God’s Favorite Idiot. CelebHomes News interviewed Bibb, who revealed she was “lucky” for the role because “villains can be fun.”

“I was like, ‘Wait. Are you punching?’” Bibb said when she learned that she could possibly play the ruler of Hell in a Ben Falcone Melissa McCarthyComedy about apocalyptic work environments. “‘I don’t even think I need to read it.’

She eventually did read the scripts. This led to her laughing so hard and panicking about whether casting directors would change their direction. Because she had her inspiration already for the role: Reese WitherspoonTracy Flick was Tracy’s partner in crime. Election.

Satan, like Tracy Witherspoon (Witherspoon), also had “a chips on her shoulder.”

CelebHomes News: “I knew instantly, when I read it that I was going to be seeing her,” she said. She’s very curious. It is like an obedient child.”