You will swoon over this babymoon

Parents-to-be needed a little rest. Drew ScottLinda Phan. A YouTube video shared by the couple on Feb. 21 that it was their babymoon from California to Montecito with 2.5 months left until their first baby arrived.

Drew stated, “We did the babymoon.” Drew said, “That was very important as I had had many weeks of filming and it was super hectic and long days.” Therefore, we made sure to get some babymoon.

The Property BrothersStar said that the couple went for a while outside L.A., and they “relaxed.” She added: “It was also really enjoyable because we enjoyed a morning picnic for our breakfast.” [with]Just a glimpse of the water.

Drew listed “board games,” “sudoku”, and “all these great things” as his full itinerary. Lisa joked that it was filled with “a lot of sexual times.” Fans later learned that Drew removed an ingrown hair on Linda’s bump.